XFlash – Ford BF-FG ZF Transmission Tuning

  • February 11, 2013
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ChipTorque’s XFlash3 and XFlash4 can now access all of the tuning parameters of the ZF 6speed transmission in the Ford BF and FG Falcon ranges. With access to over 50 individual tables for gearshift points alone as well as the torque converter clutch control and all of the parameters related to torque control in this transmission at our tuner’s fingertips, recalibration of the ZF transmission can be quite complex, but when done correctly yields excellent results in drivability and shift quality with the standard transmission. With a whole computer dedicated to just controlling the 6speed Automatic Transmission, the gearshifts are completely adjustable. Much like what was done in the old days with a hydraulic “Shift Kit”, tuning the transmission with the ChipTorque ZF tuning can dramatically improve the shifts for higher power and faster shifting but without the nasty part throttle “clunks” of those old shift kits.

XFlash ZF transmission tuning is available to all existing XFlash3 or SCT X3 product owners as well as new purchases of this product line including the XFlash4 or SCT X4 . It is sold as an optional extra and can be added to your existing ChipTorque tunes.  The transmission tune can be supplied by email for upload into existing XFlash devices; supplied with the new purchase of the XFlash by mailorder; or even to your next custom dyno tune at ChipTorque, Gold Coast.

The ZF transmission controller is actually inside the transmission itself and communicates with the engine control to change engine torque for gearshift and other events. With full control of this ZF Transmission Management system, ChipTorque’s experienced tuners can provide more appropriate transmissions shifts to suit modified vehicles including adjusting the many parameters that control torque retard requests to the Engine ECU to provide a faster and much sportier feel to the gear shift without any hydraulic or hardware changes to the transmission that have never been available with the 6speed transmission versions before now.

Although we prefer to do a custom dyno tune and road setup at our Gold Coast premises to allow us to fine tune your vehicle for maximum results, tune sets with these new parameters already set up can be mailed out to our customers around Australia.

Drag racing/ Hi-Stall Torque Convertor? The standard transmission program reduces the engine torque after a couple of seconds if you try to “stall the engine up” on the start line causing at best – precious lost time on a run, and at worst – a limp home mode with error codes and possibly the trans stuck in 3rd gear. ChipTorque can customize these parameters to allow for Hi-Stall Convertors or a normal amount of “Stall” on the start line without nasty torque reduction.

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