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  • November 11, 2010
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Back in 2010 we were invited by Australia’s biggest and best 4WD magazine, 4WD Action, to participate in a Chip comparison for the petrol and diesel 4WD market.  We jumped at the chance to showcase our XEDE Processor system and were keen to see how it measured up against other market competitors.

4WD Action teed up a 2009 Ford Ranger 3.0L XLT common rail turbo diesel and also a 2005 model Toyota Landcruiser 4.5L 6 cylinder petrol as their test vehicles.  ChipTorque’s head programmer and Technical Director, Lachlan Riddel then headed to Sydney for 1 day to install and custom dyno tune the 2 cars with our XEDE Processor system.

The tunes were refined for performance and towing applications using the XEDE Processor Dual Map Kit.  This means that the driver can alternate between the 2 tunes at the flick of a switch in cabin.  This feature meant that our system could deliver specific tuning setups for the testing carried out by 4WD Action, as they did extensive driving with and without a camper trailer, both on road and off road.

It turns out that the XEDE Processor was the only system successfully installed from the petrol 4WD tuning market.  Despite this monopoly the XEDE Processor achieved an improvement of 1.44L per 100kms as well as delivering enhanced driveability and response.

For the Ford Ranger there were many European manufactured competitors to contend with but the XEDE Processor system reduced the acceleration time from 60km/hr to 100km/hr in 4th gear by a staggering 11% and was right up there with the leaders with acceleration times from 100km/hr to 12km/hr in 5th gear.  The XEDE Processor also came up as the outright winner for Best Fuel Economy on the Ford Ranger improving consumption more than 1L per 100kms in 4WD Action’s thorough testing.

The XEDE system is an Australian Made product available for a range of petrol and common rail turbo diesels and is supported locally by ChipTorque Gold Coast.  It can be installed and custom tuned nationally by one of our dealers or even your local dyno tuner.  Each kit is supplied with the XMap tuning software so that your vehicle can be personally dyno tuned for optimisation of ChipTorque’s supplied tunes.

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