Ford Flash Tuner

The latest X4 SCT Flash Tuner is now available from ChipTorque and supports Ford BA – FG models.  The X4 can now store up to 10 aftermarket tunes for use with different fuel types, boost levels, rev limits or modifications to provide greater variety for the user.

The X4 is fully reprogrammable should you require a retune to suit further modifications or a complete new vehicle.  This product can only be used on one vehicle at a time however it can even be uninstalled from the vehicle, which reflashes the vehicle back to its standard tune. Once unlocked, the X4 can then be installed on another compatible vehicle (accurate tunes may be required for other vehicle models).

With full control of the factory engine management system ChipTorque’s experienced tuners can adjust many parameters including fuel, timing, variable cam timing, idle, limiters including speed and revs and transmission line pressure in 4 speed autos. This can be provided with off the shelf ChipTorque tunes to suit your vehicle’s modification by mail order or combined with a Custom Dyno Tune at our Gold Coast premises to allow us to fine tune your vehicle for maximum results. For 6 speed ZF autos, we also offer optional transmission tuning with the X4 (see link at bottom of page for more info).

Tune files are available for sale for use with existing SCT devices (XCal3 or later models), even if your didn’t originally purchase from ChipTorque.  These can be supplied by email, loaded at ChipTorque or provided as part of our Custom Dyno Tuning services.

  • Easy to follow menu options
  • Live high speed data logging
  • Reads and clears vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes
  • Full control of factory engine management adjustments
  • No physical modification to vehicle during install
  • Retains the Ford factory program
  • User friendly vehicle installation and removal
  • User adjust feature can be enabled on request
  • Adjusted tune files can be provided by email for upload using SCT Live Load software
  • Holds up to 10 Custom Tunes
  • Full colour LCD display with auto dim feature
  • Choice of landscape or portrait view modes
  • Improved Logging & Monitoring
  • Compact design (2.75” wide x 5.5” high)
  • Built in WiFi for easy updates

Ford BA, BF & FG
Ford Territory & Territory Turbo

For BA Falcon please provide PCM Code from vehicle ECU (engine bay, passenger side near strut tower). For BF / FG Falcon please provide Tear Tag Code (on “A” pillar on driver’s side near door hinge).

  • 98 Octane Performance
  • 98 Octane Economy
  • 98 Octane Performance Low Boost*
  • 98 Octane Performance High Boost*
  • 95 Octane Performance
  • 95 Octane Performance Low Boost*
  • 95 Octane Performance High Boost*
  • 91 Octane Performance
  • Valet – throttle limited (usually less than 50% Throttle)
  • Valet 3,500rpm rev limit
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