EFI Diagnosis & Dyno Services

Diagnosis - Tuning - Equipment Setup

With more than 25 years industry experience assessing and tuning EFI systems on a wide variety of vehicles, we offer EFI diagnosis based on our experience, not just scan tool data. We can assist in assessment, diagnosis and recommended repairs to correct vehicle problems. This can include diagnosis on our in house 4WD chassis dyno, which can be required if the problem requires specific driving conditions to reproduce the symptom.

We can check the safety of your vehicle’s mixtures by analysing the air fuel ratio (AFR). Aftermarket modifications such as cold air induction / pod filter can alter air flow meter sensor readings causing incorrect mixtures. This can cause vehicle’s to run lean and risk engine damage.  A check of your vehicle’s mixtures on our dyno can identify any inconsistencies in this area and allow you to correct it before engine damage occurs.

Want to know your vehicle’s power and torque at the wheels? We offer power runs from our Shootout Accredited Dyno Dynamics 4WD and 2WD chassis dyno cells. Included in this service is a laminated dyno graph showing your vehicle’s performance output.  We can also provide before & after dyno power runs as an optional extra when purchasing a performance product for your vehicle. This allows for a power comparison when installing a performance chip, flash tune or other aftermarket modification.

We offer a comprehensive speedo check on our chassis dyno to assess and report on the accuracy of your speedo at varying speeds. Some aftermarket modifications, such as wheels, tyres or diff ratio change can affect the indicated speed on the vehicle’s speedometer in relation to the actual road speed. This service includes a written report stating the indicated and actual speed, signed by our Technical Director.

Our tuners have experience with many aftermarket engine management systems and tuning software. We can also help with your manual or electronic boost controller setup at an optimal boost level for peak performance and suitable mixtures.

Flash Tuning / Remapping

We’ve added the latest European tuning tools to our product range, allowing us to “re-flash” the Engine Tune on a wide range of even the latest generation of European vehicles. This process of reading the original data in the original Engine Controller  (ECU), “remapping” or recalibrating the data and then storing the new data into the ECU is known as “re-flashing” the ECU.

Higher power, more torque, possibly even better fuel economy and, often the most important, – better throttle responsiveness across the rev range are all features of this new programming. ChipTorque have the knowledge, capability and connections in Europe to get the best results for vehicles in Australia.

ECU Unlock / Recovery

For vehicle’s that are unable to be retuned or reflashed due the the ECU being locked or ‘bricked’ due to a failed reflash, we offer a service to recover the ECU and return it to the standard unlocked state. This will setup the vehicle ECU ready for use with an Ezy-FLASH or other flash tuning option.

The vehicle or ECU is required at ChipTorque Gold Coast for this service.  Removal and refitment of vehicle ECU is an extra charge.  Supported vehicles: Subaru MY01-13 EJ series turbo engines. Mitsubishi CAN (Lancer Ralliart or EVO 10). Holden VT-VZ 5.7L Gen III.


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