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The Ezy-FLASH Pro can store up to 5 individual tune sets in its memory. New tune sets for the Ezy-FLASH Pro can be purchased from ChipTorque, where available, and can be supplied by email for self installation using Tune Manger software or can also be loaded at ChipTorque.

Mail Order Supported Modifications

We have categorised our off the shelf tune sets available by mail order:

  • HP0 = standard vehicle | panel air filter in standard air box | cat back exhaust upgrade
  • HP1 = turbo back exhaust system with hi flow catalytic convertor | panel air filter in standard air box
  • HP1C = turbo back exhaust system with hi flow catalytic convertor | upgraded top mount intercooler | supported cold air intake kits (e.g. Process West)
  • More modifications can be supported but the likelihood of needing custom dyno tuning increases.  Please enquire regarding your vehicle’s modifications.
Tune Set Variables

ChipTorque’s tune set for each vehicle normally comprises of the following tune variations:

  • Stock / Base – Standard Subaru tune
  • Anti-theft – This is a security tune that will not allow your engine to start. This is a great option to use when parking your vehicle long term. Reflash to any other tune using your Ezy-FLASH unit to get your vehicle to start and run again.
  • Valet – This is a limited, reduced power tune which will usually have either a 50% throttle limit or 3,500rpm rev limit as well as a 115km/hr speed limiter. This is handy for instances where you are leaving your vehicle in someone else’s hands. They’ll be able to operate your vehicle in valet mode, without being able to give it any stick.
  • 95 Octane fuel performance – Performance tune setup for use with 95RON fuel.
  • 98 Octane fuel low boost performance – Lower boost performance tune normally set at the factory boost level or slightly higher and suitable for use with 98RON fuel.
  • 98 Octane fuel high boost performance – Peak performance tune setup at an optimal boost level for your vehicle’s level of modification and suitable for use with 98RON fuel.
Tuning Options
  • Turn off fault codes relating to high flow catalytic converter upgrades (P0420)
  • Turn off fault codes relating to secondary air pump (P1418, P1410, P0410, P0413, P0414, P0418, P2432, P2433, P2440, P2441, P2444)
  • Remove JDM factory speed limiter

Please ensure that you request the options that you require when ordering.

Please Note:

If required, an ECU License will need to be purchased to enable compatibility with another ECU type within the supported model range.  This requires the Ezy-FLASH Pro to be returned to ChipTorque for the upgrade.

The Ezy-FLASH is designed to be used on one vehicle at a time.  This means to use the flash tune function on a new vehicle, the original vehicle must be returned to stock.  An additional Vehicle License can be purchased to unlock a locked Ezy-FLASH, but essentially this is not how the product is designed to be used.

Flash tunes are very specific and generally are not compatible with other vehicles.  Typically the tune set needs to match vehicle model, transmission type, Initial ROM (Cal) code as well as aftermarket modifications.

ChipTorque support all models of Ezy-FLASH with the supply of Tune Sets, including discontinued models like the Mitsubishi V2 units for EVO VII – IX.

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What Happens Next?

Once you have submitted your Order, please expect an email from ChipTorque which will include a PDF attachment and payment details.

Please Note: This email may end up in your spam filter / junk inbox!  If you selected PayPal as your payment method, we will also submit a PayPal payment request.  If you haven’t received this email within 2 business days and you have checked for it in your spam filter / junk inbox, please contact ChipTorque on 07 5596 4204 or email us at sales@chiptorque.com.au.

If your order requires the existing product to be shipped to ChipTorque, please wait until we email you your Estimate / order summary. We request that the email is printed and shipped to ChipTorque with the product, where possible.

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