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4.5L 6cyl 1FZ-FE
  • February 11, 2013
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The 4.5L Petrol LandCruiser is supported by ChipTorque’s XEDE Processor.  We most commonly support this model vehicle in conjunction with aftermarket supercharger installations, to provide a piggy back style tuning solution where we recommend the addition of a 2 Bar MAP Sensor and Connector to reference positive boost pressure for ideal tuning support.

This tuning system can be applied to mildly modified vehicles.  Please check out the below article link to 4WD Action Magazine’s Power Module Comparo Article, where they installed and vigorously tested an XEDE Processor on a 100 Series with a cat back exhaust upgrade.

Along the freeway, the Cruiser’s auto box seemed to hold the gear better without hunting between gears like it normally tends to do. The vehicle seemed more willing to accelerate to higher speeds when travelling along the freeway.  On the sand was the first place that the power was felt to make a definite difference, with the Cruiser’s ability to power through the soft sand proving to be an advantage. Over the dunes proved to be much easier when travelling in low-range second gear and with the trailer in tow than when in standard form.

On the slippery, pebbly forestry roads the module gave the Cruiser a more instant response to the accelerator pedal, which meant in some tricky sections we were able to slow down and then accelerate smoothly without any sudden bursts of torque.   The biggest surprise was at the end of the day, although we didn’t do this vehicle any favours during the day’s drive, it repaid us with a good fuel saving of nearly two litres per 100km.  That sort of saving alone would convince us to fit one to any vehicle of this size without hesitation.

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