Toyota Hilux / Prado

4.0L V6 1GR-FE
  • February 28, 2013
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We have tuned the single VVTi Hilux and Prado vehicle with our XEDE Processor Kit which is ChipTorque’s interceptor system. This system can also support dual maps, should you require individual timing values for different fuel octanes.

We honestly see varying results in this model car standard, so we do not quote a specific gain. If the car had aftermarket modifications, like a full performance exhaust or supercharger kit, then the likelihood of a performance gain definitely increases. For optimal fuel economy and towing performance we’d recommend 98 octane fuel and a full exhaust upgrade.

Often vehicle owners report poor fuel consumption in the 4.0L V6. For this model in standard unmodified setup we recommend a dyno run and assessment of the individual car to look at the vehicle’s air fuel ratio to see if it is running rich, this is how we can gauge if we believe a fuel economy / performance gain can be achieved through tuning the car with our XEDE Processor.

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