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Ford Territory

2.7L V6 Diesel
Using our Euro Flash Tune, peak power increased from 105kW to 127kW and torque increased by 70Nm!

Ford Kuga

2.5L Duratec
The Euro Flash Tune provided a wider power band and an increase of 13% more power.

Ford Fiesta ST

1.6L EcoBoost
Up to a 10kW increase in power at the wheels with a 6% gain in peak power and more than a 12% gain in torque.

Ford Ranger PX

3.2L TDCi
ChipTorque's Custom Flash Tune upgrade provides aftermarket tuning direct to the factory ECU which has achieved 14% more power and 17% more torque on a standard 2013 Wildtrak with manual transmission.

Ford Territory

4.0L 6cyl Turbo
With a relatively standard model Territory Turbo, ChipTorque have achieved 21% more power and 27% more torque on our 98 octane high boost performance tune providing great improvements in power, torque and drivability through precise changes to the fuel and ignition timing with an appropriate boost increase.


8cyl Supercharged
ChipTorque provide tunes specific to your needs, offering a choice of up to 3 tune variables with the SCT X4.
The XEDE Processor Kit has achieved an additional 10-12kW in power at the wheels with an extra +70Nm torque.

Ford Falcon

4.0L 6cyl
Specialising in custom programs to suit your BA or BF Falcon, ChipTorque offer a range of performance tunes to enhance your vehicle and accentuate any aftermarket modification.

Ford Falcon

5.4L V8
ChipTorque offer SCT flash Tuning for the Ford FG V8 5.4L engine, which is best paired with aftermarket modifications such as extractors, high flow cats and a sports exhaust system.

Ford F250 / F350

Turbo Diesel
On a standard F250 vehicle we see a 49% increase in power and an amazing 73% more torque with the addition of a K&N FIPK air intake and Superchip Flashpaq.

Ford Focus XR5

2.5L Turbo
On a standard 2009 manual model, this enhancement has achieved a 27% improvement in power and 20% more torque with Euro Flash Tune.

Ford Falcon Turbo

4.0L 6cyl Turbo
ChipTorque’s gives a massive power increase from 200kW to 240-250kW at the wheels on most standard XR6 Turbos.


4.0L 6cyl Turbo
Standard F6 gained an average power increase of 25% and a 20% gain in torque.
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