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2.5L Turbo
  • January 12, 2011
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Maximise the performance potential of your vehicle with one of ChipTorque’s custom performance tunes supplied in the Ezy-FLASH Pro. Improvements are made to the factory initial tune’s fuel and timing parameters to produce optimal performance, throttle response, driveability and economy.  ChipTorque offer plug-in performance tunes to suit a range of aftermarket modifications like air filter, exhaust and intercooler upgrades.

Thanks for your recent advice and assistance with performance tuning on my Subaru Liberty GT b-spec. I just thought I should let you know how impressed I am at the overall difference between the factory tune and the ChipTorque enhanced tune I have been running for the last few weeks. Firstly the power delivery is so much smoother than on the factory tune, I find it difficult to comprehend why Subaru would let the factory tune be so hesitant at times and surging at others when a few hours of tuning in your capable hands has produced such a vast driving improvement and experience.

The extra power from tuning is really noticeable at around 3,000 rpm onwards, where the car really finds it legs and I best describe it as 4th gear now feels like 3rd gear used to – so much more mid range torque it’s hard not to grin.

I must admit that I have not yet tried the different tune states offered on the Ezy-FLASH Pro as it has only been a few weeks, but I can see many situations where the alternate tunes would come in very handy, especially if doing a road trip through regional areas where 98 RON fuel may not be readily available. Speaking of fuel, I am very pleased to report no adverse fuel consumption even though I have been driving a little more enthusiastically for the last few weeks. My new average is 10.0 L / 100k’s exactly the same as the last 8,000 kilometres of travel on the factory tune.

It’s a testament to your tuning ability that you can unleash the extra power and refine its delivery without any overall change to average fuel consumption.

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