Subaru Forester XT S-Edition

2.5L Turbo
  • February 11, 2013
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Maximise the performance potential of your vehicle with one of ChipTorque’s custom performance tunes supplied in the Ezy-FLASH Pro. Improvements are made to the factory initial tune’s fuel, timing and AVCS (variable cam timing) parameters to produce optimal performance, throttle response, drive-ability and economy. We offer plug-in performance tunes to suit a wide range of aftermarket modifications like air filter, exhaust and intercooler upgrades.

The low rpm drivability and torque increases transform this vehicle’s performance even in factory standard form. With a 1psi boost increase over factory and refined tuning, the 15psi performance tune delivers a 12% increase in peak power. The 18psi performance tune for 98 octane fuel makes a 30% improvement in torque as well as in excess of 30% power gain at 3,700rpm.

A big grin on my face!!! The Ezy-Flash arrived this morning. It took about 5 mins to read the instructions, and about 5 mins to load up the high-boost 98-octane program.

At first I wasn’t sure much had happened as the engine was its usual quite docile self in traffic on urban roads. I applied a bit of accelerator to pull away at a round-about, and then noticed a difference. I popped it into Sport mode on the slip-road of a freeway near me, floored it and left the 2012 STI hatch that was behind me wondering what was going on…

Just what I was looking for, a tune that leaves the car very drivable, but yet quick when you need it. Now I just need to make the changes to the breaking system and suspension to round out the driving experience….

Thanks for your help, and having a great product!

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