SS Inductions Cold Air Intakes

  • November 20, 2012
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It’s simple. When you can breathe easily, you feel better and perform better. It’s the same with your car. You’ve probably noticed how much better your car goes on a cold day. That’s because cold air is denser than warm, humid air and holds more oxygen. This cooler, oxygen-rich air increases the efficiency of the combustion process creating more power and torque.

All vehicles have a factory induction however most are undersized, restrictive and poorly situated so that there is no ramming effect and your engine is left to breathe in hot turbulent air from within the engine bay. This results in sluggish responsiveness with poor performance and economy – it’s like trying to run down the road breathing through a straw in your mouth.

You drive into high-pressure air try putting your arm out the window at even 50kph. SS Inductions’ cold air systems channel that pressured air to allow the engine to breathe in a greater volume at all speeds, across the rev range. The ECU in your vehicle will detect the increased air and alter its settings accordingly. This may take up to several hundred kilometres of normal driving to fully adjust and produce the maximum effect. With the exception of the OTR Growler® no tune is required when fitting any SS Inductions’ products.

This increase in airflow not only improves power, torque and general performance but also improves fuel economy by obtaining more power from the fuel air mixture you’re burning, you in turn use less fuel when driving your car from point A to point B at highway speeds.

The SS Inductions’ premium Growler® range replaces the factory airbox altogether and combines our high-flow inverted pod filter with a less-restrictive streamlined unit. The square shape of the factory airbox is not conducive to high speed airflow (when do you see a square exhaust pipe?). The combination of sheer volume, a pod filter and a shorter more direct feed to the throttle body ensures significant power and torque gains. All Growler® units provide sufficient airflow for all high output modifications. You can feel and hear the difference and at highway speeds you’ll notice a big improvement in fuel economy.

Airflow is captured from behind and beneath the headlight through a huge opening in the Growler® airbox and directed through the pod filter via a shorter path to the motor. In some models the factory intake can be retained and also connected to the new airbox for greater gains.

Installation is extremely straightforward and you can accomplish the job in about half an hour with just a few simple hand tools. The Big Mouth® filter is easily accessed for cleaning.

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