Shift Light

This Shift Light is a single stage bright LED that can be remotely installed in your vehicle’s cabin and set to shine at any RPM point. The Shift Light LED is 5mm in diameter and includes an 8mm mounting bezel. Popular locations for this Shift Light are: behind the dash in instrument cluster, behind the dash above and shining down on the instrument cluster, In a spare din panel on dash.

shift light 600For installation it requires Power, Ground and either an even spaced Tacho signal or coil negative normal ignition signal. Once installed it’s as simple as revving your vehicle and pushing the shift light module button to set at the desired RPM point for the LED light to shine. The RPM point can be changed as many times as you wish by repeating this process. This shift light is compatible with most vehicle’s or motorbikes.

Available in high intensity Red or Blue LED.

  • Power: 8-24VDC 50Ma MAX
  • Rev Signal: 1-1400Hz 1Hz accuracy 2-12 Cylinders 100-20000 RPM
  • Rev Signal Impedance: 100,000 ohms, 2000 Volts MAX
  • Estimated life span: 40+ Years
  • Product Warranty: 12 months from purchase date – Return to supplier
  • Consideration of a warranty claim is at the sole discretion of ChipTorque
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