Nissan Patrol

3.0L Turbo Diesel
  • November 29, 2012
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Turbo boost pressure is an integral part of maintaining engine longevity in a diesel.  Fuel only chips can lead to possible large, destructive rises in exhaust temperature.  We can tune the ZD30DDTi engine with our Euro Flash Tune which allows tuning of most engine parameters by remapping the factory ECU. Reliability is maintained as no additional hardware is added.

If you live remotely or want dual maps, choosing to tune your common rail diesel with the XEDE Processor, which simultaneously adjusts fuel pressure and turbo boost will ensure the safest performance results.  On a 2010 vehicle with an modified exhaust system the XEDE Processor and ChipTorque Performance Tune saw an increase of 15% in power and torque.  We have also carried out specific tuning to suit towing applications.  Our towing tune has a lower power gain but increases engine safety for extended high load applications, while aiming to achieve the best fuel economy.

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