Nissan Patrol

4.5L Petrol
  • January 12, 2011
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We recommend our XEDE Processor for the Nissan Patrol 4.5L TB45. We have seen great improvements in power, throttle response, drivability and economy, particularly when matched with an enhanced exhaust system and aftermarket extractors.  An upgraded or new fuel pump can be a good idea for reliable fuel supply to suit these enhancements.

Turbo / Supercharger Note:   The XEDE Processor can support up to around 7 Psi of boost pressure, anything beyond that will alternatively require an aftermarket ECU. Auxiliary injectors are recommended to compensate for tuning resolution of the factory MAF sensor when supercharging or turbo charging. We do not recommend larger injectors with tuning with the XEDE Processor on this model.

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