Nissan Navara

2.5L Turbo Diesel
  • February 11, 2013
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ChipTorque now offer direct reprogramming of the factory ECU with Euro Flash Tune. On a 2011 model Navara D40 manual vehicle with a turbo back Exhaust system the Flash Tune gained 15% in torque and 10% more power. The peak power of the standard tune is eclipsed 900 rpm earlier in the rev range with midrange gains of up to 16kW extra power (3,200 rpm).

The ability to reprogram the factory computer delivers improvements in throttle response and driveability.  We have had customers report improvements in fuel consumption, particularly when loading the ute with anything from a ladder and toolbox to towing a van. This upgrade is available either by mail order (remove and send the vehicle ECU) or as a 2 day service at ChipTorque Gold Coast.

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