Mitsubishi Evolution

2.0L Turbo
  • July 19, 2011
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Our Custom Tune  takes about half a day to complete at our Gold Coast premises and involves tailoring our flash tune to suit your vehicle and its modification on our 4WD dyno.

For EVO IX & X models, tune adjustments to variable cam timing delivers torque response and better drivability at part throttle and lower in the rev range. Typically we may need to remove a boost restrictor pill to enable tuning for a higher boost level, which is all inclusive in the service.

Chiptorque Team,

As you know, I recently had my Mitsubishi Evolution VIII dyno tuned at Chiptorque. I am absolutely wrapped with the result and professional service. Everything I wanted, and more was delivered. The launch control works great and the intercooler water sprayer is now working on auto.

My car is so much more responsive and the top end power increase is just so impressive. I would never have guessed that Mitsubishi could be so far off the mark with their tuning.

Top job team. Wayne

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