Miata standard ECU 8k rpm!

  • November 17, 2010
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After a year of development, BEGI and ChipTorque are taking the reprogramming of the Miata ECU to new levels. Many doubted when we said it could be done.  They said the ECU would not support it. As we love nothing more than a challenge, the BEGI ECU reflash/reprogram can not only change the rev limiter, we can make the stock ECU support 440 cc or larger injectors, and change the cam timing to improve response,  among other things.  When used with the XEDE, Standalone ECU performance can be achieved on the stock ECU! And in most cases, it is or can be made emissions legal.*

The MazdaSpeed Miata stock ECU’s can be re-programmed. The ECU chip is internally re-flashable, but Mazda did not leave hardware/software in place to support re-programming of it. For reliability and ease of the programming, we will be replacing the stock chip with a BEGI programmed chip. We will de-solder the stock chip and read it. BEGI will solder on a socket, and install the BEGI programmed chip. The ECU is reassembled and shipped back the customer, along with the stock chip. To ensure the highest quality of work with this delicate soldering and retain security on the programming, all of the chip programming must be in house. Yes, it is inconvenient in the short term, but easier to use in the long term.  We can also return the ECU to stock configuration if needed. Of course, the factory immobilizer functions are retained where fitted.

We have had several test cars. The first was a 2005 Lava Orange MazdaSpeed Miata. This MSM is completely stock except a boost gauge and BEGI Throttle Inlet Tube. This car is the perfect test car as it experiences the infamous “MSM Bog” on a nearly daily basis. With the new program, the car now has a rev limiter of 7000 rpm soft cut, and 7020 full injector cut out. We have also leaned out the fuel curve a little, advanced ignition timing, and fixed the open loop/closed loop TPS transition to eliminate the “BOG”.  The car saw a 15 whp gain from the re-flash. The only variable we cannot account for is the boost the car was running on the first dyno run. This car was run on the dyno back in Oct. of 2006. No boost gauge was installed; however we surmise that the car was running the stock boost level or close to it – at the time. The car currently only makes 7 psi, possibly due to the stock bypass valve.  If the car was truly running closer to 8 psi at the time of the first dyno run, the car is also significantly more efficient than before. It makes much more power at a lower boost level. Again, this car is completely stock.  After 750 miles, the owner is still smiling. Dyno sheets and video of the car driving at 7000rpm are posted as well.

The second test car was a 2004 Velocity Red MazdaSpeed Miata. However, this engine was not running during testing. Thru control of various sensors, we can simulate the car running and control the injectors. (For those not technical, the Rev Limit is when the ECU turns off the fuel injectors) On this car, we were able to test injector control to 8000 rpm. Allowing the rev limiter to be increased that much further. Video of the injector control to 8000 rpm is posted on YouTube.

Link: www.bellengineering.net

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