Mazda MX-5

NC 2.0L

ChipTorque offer Custom Flash Tuning services to the factory ECU in Mazda NC MX-5 vehicles.  Upgrades to date have supported aftermarket supercharger upgrades.

ChipTorque’s tuning provides adjustment of idle speed, appropriate increases to the rev limiter and the ability to disable some fault codes, where required.  All this in addition to fuel and ignition timing changes to properly match aftermarket upgrades and provide optimal drive-ability and performance.

We have supported both automatic and manual transmissions.  We require either the vehicle at ChipTorque for Custom Dyno Flash Tuning, or the vehicle’s ECU can be removed from the vehicle and sent to us for a mail order upgrade.

“Absolutely Astounding… 7200 RPM of pure bliss, no hesitations, no bog issue, instant throttle response and seamless turbo operation. I also got 28.2 mpg cruising at 80 mph on the way up to Houston from Corpus with a few 125 MPH passes, AC on the entire time. My usual mileage is around 25 to 26 mpg, and that’s driving conservatively 99% of the time.”  – Jeff

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