Mazda NB Performance Chip

ChipTorque now offers the Mazda NB Performance Chip to suit the Mazda MX-5 / Miata / SE / MSM model. This product expands the tuning capabilities that can be adjusted utilising the factory engine management system including the much anticipated rev limiter increase. The enhanced tune features reduced/removed “bog” on snap throttle, improved response and torque and about 15HP gain on a standard vehicle turbo with no increase in boost.

The ChipTorque NB Performance chip also provides a rev limiter increase up to 7,000rpm, providing up to an extra 440rpm on the factory rev limiter. ChipTorque recommend a rev limiter appropriate to your vehicle’s modifications.

The hardware involved is the physical install of a new replacement memory chip internally within the factory ECU to achieve this upgrade. The Chip change can also be paired with our XEDE Processor Product for further in field custom tuning of the vehicle’s fuel and ignition timing and also performing boost control.

For mail order supply, we would want to check the level of modifications that your vehicle has first, if we can support based on other similar vehicle’s that we have dyno tuned, we require the vehicle ECU to be removed and shipped to ChipTorque or for USA customer’s please ship your ECU to BEGi for supply and installation.  Alternatively vehicle’s can come to ChipTorque Gold Coast for installation and custom dyno tuning.

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