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  • February 13, 2014
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ChipTorque offer the Mazda NB Performance Chip to suit the Mazda NB MX-5. This product, utilising the factory engine management system, expands the tuning capabilities to include tuning for larger fuel injectors and optional rev limiter increase above the factory 7,000 rpm limit.

For this model, tuning is normally only added once the vehicle is significantly modified, usually with an aftermarket turbo conversion kit. There is little gain on the naturally aspirated engine with a change of chip although, all the same Chip components can be supplied. Tuning development has been performed both in Australia and overseas in conjunction with BEGi.  We can also supply and support any of BEGi’s products for this model.

The Chip change can be paired with our XEDE Processor for further in field custom tuning of the vehicle’s fuel and ignition timing. Using the XEDE in conjunction with the Chip also allows switching between two different “maps” with perhaps two levels of boost pressure or setup for two different fuel octane ratings.

Couldn’t be happier with the cars drive-ability, behaves itself perfectly off  boost, you wouldn’t even know it was turbo. When the boost comes on it pulls super hard. Overall I was very happy with the numbers resulting from the tune, which were basically bang on what Lachlan had advised when I originally inquired. I was also pleased that the tune took under 3 hours, and even then I was only charged for 2 hours of dyno time, please pass on my personal thanks to Lachlan for the great work.

Given that I’ve essentially doubled the torque and my right foot has been heavy having fun testing the new modifications out, its not a surprise economy is worse. Will have to see once I have the restraint to go a full tank without flooring it too much. But you don’t turbo a car for better fuel economy…

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