Mazda BT-50

3.2L Diesel

We support the Mazda BT-50 3.2L with the Euro Flash Tune, having achieved a 17% gain in power and 17% more torque on a 2012 model auto with a turbo back exhaust upgrade. We are yet to tune a standard Mazda vehicle, but have done so with the Ranger 3.2L achieving similar torque gains and 14% more power with the Euro Flash Tune alone.

Many customers have asked about fixing the flat spot as you step on the throttle or as the transmission changes gears on the automatic versions – our tuning fixes both of these symptoms not by changing the transmission shifts themselves but by changing the rate of allowed Engine Torque that the transmission can deal with in the tune. This allows a much faster rate of increased throttle which our customers tell us….”fixed the flat spot and now drives how it should have from the factory”. The manual versions also benefit from these allowable torque changes but also we adjust the maximum torque limit for 2nd gear giving much improved acceleration with the Custom Flash Tune installed.

This upgrade can be provided at ChipTorque Gold Coast or via mail order (ECU needs to be shipped to ChipTorque Gold Coast).

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