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2.3L Turbo
  • January 12, 2011
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We tune the Mazda 3MPS with either our Ezy-FLASH Pro or a Custom Flash Tune on our dyno. The Ezy-FLASH Pro can be mailed with pre-loaded tunes for customers that are not local, or want the ability the swap between tunes. The Custom Flash tune is provided in conjunction with dyno tuning and is flashed directly into the factory ECU.

“I am very happy with the tune. CT did a great job and the car feels brilliant…In an “Oh my god I am going to die” way lol The graphs dont really depict the change in engine response and performance. The way the car pulls in first and second gears in amazing (Thanks to the modifying of the boost restriction), not to mention how relentless the power delivery is.

The power drop off at around 6K rpm is basically gone, with over 170kw atw still available at 6.5k rpm, and makes me wish I had another 1k rpm to play with lol. Traction off the line is still good even with hard take offs and there is basically no let up in the surge of power in the first four gears, I couldnt find a road long enough to get into fifth. If anything the tractability in daily driving is even better than stock. The car will happily putter around all day like a shopping trolley without boost suddenly popping up and trying to run you up the bum of the car in front of you, but give it the beans and you will find a very different animal.

Lag is pretty much zero with the bum dyno screaming in fear as your spine molds to the back of the seat and stays there lol (I am not joking either). Initial drives after the tune seemed pretty good, but the car just seemed to pull even better once it had settled in a bit. Some spirited drives later that night surprised the hell out my mate and I lol.

Economy is also much improved, I filled up at Coffs on the way back and got to Sydney nth side on 39 litres (thats about 550kms). I would like to send a big thanks to Leah and the boys for a job well done. Worth every penny in my opinion.”

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