Mazda 3 MPS Ezy-FLASH Pro Development Update

  • January 13, 2011
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Mazda 3 MPS Ezy-FLASH Pro Beta Tester

Here’s a dyno graph from one of our Beta Test Ezy-FLASH Pro vehicles.  This car is a Mazda 3 MPS with a dump pipe, high flow cat, cold air intake, front mount intercooler and ChipTorque Custom Tunes provided in the Ezy-FLASH Pro for Mazda.  Graph variations display power and torque for the standard tune then tunes for Valet, 15psi Performance & 18psi Performance tunes by ChipTorque.

On the stock tune this vehicle made approximately 188kW in power at the wheels and with ChipTorque’s custom tune for 98 octane fuel achieving a peak boost level of 18psi now runs an impressive 217kW at the wheels.  That’s an improvement of more than 15% in peak performance!

Check out the colour coded key in the top left box of the above graph to identify the variations in tune result.  The blue lines display ChipTorque’s Valet tune.  This is a limited power tune which is quite non-responsive but still driveable.  This tune would be a great option to plug-in and reflash into the vehicle as a bit of self assurance in an instance where you may be leaving your car with someone that you don’t want to driving your car at its optimal performance level!  Reflashing between the tune variables is as simple as connecting to the Ezy-FLASH Pro to the vehicle via under steering column OBDII connection and following the Ezy-FLASH Pro on screen prompts.

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