Lexus LX470

4.7L 2UZ-FE
  • May 9, 2011
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Improve your vehicle’s standard tune with the XEDE Processor and optimise performance, throttle response, drivability and economy. The XEDE Processor can be installed on standard vehicles or vehicles with upgraded sports exhausts, extractors, air filters or even aftermarket supercharger upgrades.

On the 2UZ-FE engine the XEDE Processor has the option to run dual maps for individual tunes to suit alternate fuel types or performance and towing applications.

As the XEDE Processor works in tandem with the factory engine management system, all factory cold start, drivability and safety parameters are retained. We have a wide range of performance tunes available for many modifications which we look to provide as the base map when supplying a mail order XEDE Processor Kit.  This provides a great starting point for a dyno tuner to refine the fuel and ignition timing to maximise the results for your vehicle.

Hi Ryan

I have been keeping figures on the fuel economy of the Lexus since the work has been completed, and compared it to the figures prior to the work and have found that I have increased my fuel economy overall by 11% which equates to an extra 67 km per tank of fuel. I am quite happy with these results considering the weight I am carrying in the vehicle.

I have also noticed that the Lexus is holding the gears for slightly longer periods on the hills without the kickdown to a lower gear, much better ride. I have not returned home as yet and have not hooked up the caravan to try it out, but I feel it will be greatly improved towing with what I have found thus far.

Please thank Bullet for the exhaust system, it is just how I envisaged it and it sounds great without being intrusive in the vehicle’s cabin.

Please pass on my thanks to Lachlan and Leah for the great service I received while at ChipTorque. Also thanks to yourself for showing me how it all worked and the location of the Xede unit and how to get at it.

Very happy Customer, Cheers & Beers – Greg

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