Holden Commodore

3.8L V6 Ecotec
  • February 10, 2013
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The ChipTorque performance Memcal is provided with tuning modifications to deliver increases in acceleration by improving and correcting ignition and fuel curves to deliver the best torque no matter what modification your vehicle has installed.

Upgrading the factory ECU, as opposed to the use of an aftermarket ECU, means that all of the nice “factory” drivability is retained, particularly on light throttle and highway cruise, to deliver the best all round result in performance and economy.  ChipTorque can also customise your vehicle’s tune to re-calibrate transmission gear shift points (VR-VT only), cooling fan control and rev limiters to achieve the best power and torque.

For VR – VT we can set up an automatic ECU and wiring loom to work with a manual transmission conversion and remove the vehicle speed sensor if necessary (NVSS).  Please note that for T5 manual conversions in the VS V6 (except police pack models), an ECU hardware mod is required to setup the auto ECU to suit the T5 speed sensor.  ChipTorque can provide this ECU mod in addition to our Memcal tuned to suit the manual transmission. Additionally we can accommodate the changes required for engine conversions including removal of the vehicle anti-theft system to bypass the body control module (NO VATS).


ChipTorque’s R&D team have undertaken substantial testing on this model of the Delco ECU in the VU – VY V6. The GM engineers have incorporated extensive adaptive ignition and fuel learning into your vehicle’s ECU. We have found that, for vehicles with exhaust modifications and cold air induction systems only, the adaptive learning system will provide appropriate ignition and fuel changes to suit these modifications. Therefore, no chip/tune is necessary until roller rockers, cam changes or a supercharger is fitted.

However our tuning can provide enhancements to re-calibrate automatic transmission line pressures and gear shift points to dramatically improve shift firmness and transmission kick down. This will make the car feel better to drive, but doesn’t increase the power. Unfortunately there is no economy improvements through tuning this model.

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