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5.7L V8 LS1
  • January 12, 2011
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ChipTorque provides flash tune upgrades for the LS1 Commodores utilising VCM Suite tuning software. The LS1 computer in these vehicles incorporates the latest in Flash program technology. This means the “chip” can be installed into your vehicle’s computer just like loading a program to your PC’s hard disk.

Each flash upgrade is individually created for each vehicle, ensuring the flash upgrade is tailored to suit your vehicle’s modifications and that all security and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) data are retained within ChipTorque’s programming. This ensures the correct operation with Holden or other diagnostic tools, and vehicle security systems. All original calibrations of your vehicle are retained in ChipTorque’s extensive data archives should there ever be a requirement to return the vehicle to its standard tune.

The ChipTorque performance Flash Upgrade can unleash the power from the LS1 engine to deliver increases in acceleration by improving and correcting ignition and fuel curves to deliver the best torque no matter what modification your vehicle has installed.

Upgrading the factory Power Control Module (PCM), as opposed to the use of an aftermarket ECU, means that all of the nice “factory” driveability, particularly on light throttle and highway cruise, is retained to deliver the best all round result in performance and economy. Specialising in tunes to suit everything from standard vehicles to engine modifications such as camshaft, head porting, manifold, fuel injector upgrades or supercharged applications, ChipTorque can customise your vehicle’s program to recalibrate automatic transmission line pressures and gear shift points to dramatically improve shift firmness and transmission kick down. This means no more messy hydraulic shift kits for your auto anymore!!!

It’s all part of the Performance Flash Upgrade solution that ChipTorque supplies. We can also incorporate rev and speed limiter adjustment or cooling fan control to achieve the best power and torque for your vehicle’s modifications. MAFless tunes are available and ChipTorque recommend this for vehicle’s exceeding 250kW at the wheels or 350kW at the wheels for supercharged vehicles, where the Air Flow Meter becomes a performance restriction.

Custom programming to support engine and/or transmission transplants or conversions are available, with the option to turn off the vehicle anti theft system to by-pass the body control module, automatic codes, vehicle speed sensor or any non essential engine sensor within the Flash Upgrade.

For VZ models, fly-by-wire throttle control is remapped to enhance throttle response. In Crewman and 4WD applications, our engineers have taken particular note of the lack of drive away from stationary performance. Our Performance Flash Upgrade will notably improve the acceleration from rest. Many customers have described substantial improvements in fuel consumption after the upgrade of their vehicle with a ChipTorque Performance Flash Upgrade.

Through many hours of dyno testing and program development by ChipTorque’s R&D team, we have unleashed the total performance potential of your vehicle’s engine control unit. ChipTorque has been creating custom Flash Upgrades for supercharged and turbocharged LS1 applications since the release of this engine in Australia. Our experience with Corvette’s, Camaro’s and other GM Truck applications since 1993 ensures not only the best power delivery, but also highest margin of safety for your engine.

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