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2.5L Duratec
  • June 20, 2014
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The addition of the Euro Flash Tune on a standard 2012 Ford Kuga 2.5L turbo petrol auto provided a wider power band and an increase of 13% more power with slight torque improvements while greatly enhancing the factory tune’s throttle response and drivability. This upgrade provides enhancements to the factory tuning to safely command a peak boost pressure of approximately 11.5 Psi of boost, which is increased from the factory boost pressure of 8 Psi.

This upgrade is available at ChipTorque Gold Coast as well as via mail order. For the results and Dyno graphs published here, ChipTorque provided this enhancement via mail order to an interstate Dyno outlet in South Australia – Classic Performance Dyno Centre.

Cannot believe how much better it feels on road and more responsive. Also does not fall over up in the rev range.

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