Ford Focus XR5

2.5L Turbo
  • January 12, 2011
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We tune the XR5 with our Euro Flash Tune. This upgrade does not include any hardware interface, a single tune is installed either with the vehicle at our Gold Coast shop or via mail order by sending the vehicle’s ECU to us.  On a standard 2009 manual model, we have seen a 27% improvement in power and 20% increase in torque. With the direct flash we can also reduce factory torque limiters in 1st & 2nd gear.

Got back one week ago from a 2,600 km round trip north. Car performed beautifully.

Good acceleration improvement through all gears, e.g. in 6th between 2800 and 4000 rpm. Just the ticket for safer quicker passing. Torque also noticeably improved. At one of the interminable stops for road works I mistakenly put it in 3rd instead of 1st and it had no trouble getting away, with only a slight noise variation alerting me to what I’d done. Would have stalled immediately with the standard program.

Fuel consumption also noticeably improved. On the one 660 km leg I was able to make some comparison with my last trip before the upgrade, I got a 4.47 % improvement. As near as I can judge at present the same is getting replicated on broken suburban running.

Over all I’m very happy with it and for me it’s been money well spent.

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