Ford Fiesta ST

1.6L EcoBoost

A 2013 Fiesta ST 1.6L EcoBoost 6 speed manual with a 3” turbo back Exhaust system with hi-flow catalytic convertor achieved up to a 10kW increase in power at the wheels with a 6% gain in peak power and more than a 12% gain in torque with the addition of the Euro Flash Tune by ChipTorque.

This tuning commands the boost pressure to peak 1,300rpm earlier in the rev range than the factory tune and hold until 4,800 rpm to really liven up acceleration under foot and provide and enhanced driving experience. This provides improvements in throttle response, drivability and makes the most of the aftermarket Exhaust system.

Although the boost method is significantly modified from standard with our tuning, the boost pressure barely increases from the peak factory boost level of around 20 Psi. With the combination of Exhaust and Flash Tune, this vehicle has now reached the end of the standard turbo’s flow / efficiency. Our experience has also shown that the factory air box and air intake is not restrictive at this level. Tuning is available for stock standard vehicles, but at this stage we have not had the opportunity to tune for this setup at ChipTorque.

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