Ford Falcon

4.0L 6cyl
  • May 9, 2011
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ChipTorque’s vehicle research on the BA to BF Falcon has revealed a distinct lack of power down low on the naturally aspirated 4.0L engine. Symptoms of this factory feature include a tendency for the vehicle to easily stall and little throttle response below 1,500rpm particularly with Utes or with heavy loads. Through a ChipTorque performance program we deliver a massive improvement in drive away and throttle responsiveness to greatly improve the factory driveablility of your vehicle. We aim to give you an exhilarating driving experience while retaining the manners and fuel economy of a factory vehicle.

Specialising in custom programs to suit your BA or BF Falcon, ChipTorque offer a range of performance tunes to enhance your vehicle and accentuate any aftermarket modification. Through precise changes to fuel and timing maps within your vehicle’s factory engine management system, we have the ability to deliver improvements in power, torque, throttle response and drivability. Our testing has revealed that most drivers will get improved fuel consumption when running Premium Unleaded Fuel under normal driving conditions.

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