The Ezy-FLASH Pro  is the newest and best way to “Flash” a modified tune into your vehicle’s ECU. This handheld plug-in system has the capacity to store multiple programs, including the original factory program.  It is currently available with separate models for Subaru and Mazda vehicles.

ezyflash_pro-470x375Live data display, high speed logging, performance metrics as well as trouble code reading and clearing are all features of the Ezy-FLASH Pro. Plus the user can also completely un-install the Ezy-FLASH Pro and return the original tune the the vehicle’s ECU at any time, as often as needed.

ChipTorque offer performance tune sets for all Ezy-FLASH models to suit standard and modified vehicles. Often tune sets are provided pre-installed in the Ezy-FLASH Pro when supplied by mail order supply.  This means that installation can be performed by the vehicle owner or at your local automotive shop or dyno tuner. Tune sets are setup for the specific vehicle make, model, transmission type and aftermarket enhancements.

Tune Manager Software

Tune Manager is a software package that accompanies Ezy-FLASH Pro.  This allows the user to perform functions such as setting high speed log parameters, viewing high speed data logs, performing firmware updates and creating or adding tune sets to the Ezy-FLASH.

This software package enables the user to setup log parameters, download and view logged data, perform Ezy-FLASH Pro updates including firmware updates and add Tune sets. Tune Manager Pro Licensed tuning software is under development, this is intended to enable dyno tuners to edit ChipTorque tunes as well as upload their own dyno tunes into the Ezy-FLASH Pro product.

Tune Manager is also compatible with existing ROM editing software, so if you chose to make your own ROM edits you can group them and upload into the Ezy-FLASH Pro using Tune Manager.

The benefits of providing Tunes through Ezy-FLASH Pro mean you can retain the original tune, select multiple tunes, enhanced ECU recovery function to recover from a failed flash event, and for dyno tuners this method protects their Intellectual Property through Tune Manager and additional optional password protection.

Product includes Ezy-FLASH Pro, programming cables, Quick Start Guide, USB cable, Tune Manager software, User Manual and Warranty.


To order an Ezy-FLASH Pro, please give us a call. We are happy to take your details and help you get the right tunes to suit your modifications.

We can also supply Tune sets to install yourself into an existing Ezy-FLASH Pro.  Please remember that to use this product on a new vehicle, the original vehicle must first be Unlocked back to the factory tune.  If taking the Ezy-FLASH Pro from one vehicle ECU style to another, you will require an ECU License fee in addition to the tune set.  This requires the Ezy-FLASH Pro to be returned to ChipTorque for installation.

  • Subaru WRX
  • Subaru WRX STi
  • Subaru Forester GT
  • Subaru Forester XT
  • Subaru Forester S Edition
  • Subaru Liberty B4
  • Subaru Liberty GT
  • Mazda 3MPS
  • Mazda 6MPS
  • Mazda CX-7

ChipTorque’s tune set for each vehicle normally comprises of the following tune variations.

Stock / Base –  Standard Subaru tune

Anti-theft  –  This is a security tune that will not allow your engine to start. This is a great option to use when parking your vehicle long term. Reflash to any other tune using your Ezy-FLASH unit to get your vehicle to start and run again.

Valet –  This is a limited, reduced power tune which will usually have either a 50% throttle limit or 3,500rpm rev limit as well as a 115km/hr speed limiter. This is handy for instances where you are leaving your vehicle in someone else’s hands. They’ll be able to operate your vehicle in valet mode, without being able to give it any stick.

95 Octane fuel performance –  Performance tune setup for use with 95RON fuel.

98 Octane fuel low boost performance –  Lower boost performance tune normally set at the factory boost level or slightly higher and suitable for use with 98RON fuel.

98 Octane fuel high boost performance –  Peak performance tune setup at an optimal boost level for your vehicle’s level of modification and suitable for use with 98RON fuel.

As we are reflashing the factory engine management system, we have the opportunity to alter many parameters through the EFI system and tailor them at individual rev, load, throttle position and boost variables including…

Fuel – enriching or leaning out the mixtures where appropriate

Ignition timing – typically the timing can be advanced for more performance with the use of a higher octane fuel, but may also be retarded as required

Boost – commanded through the factory boost solenoid.  Unlike an aftermarket electronic boost controller the ChipTorque tune can command radically different boost pressures at different Engine RPM or throttle angles, even reduced boost pressure in higher revs to preserve the turbo  by preventing unnecessary boost levels up to the red line

Carefully adjusting the AVCS  (Active Valve Control System), also known as Variable Valve Control, to improve engine torque and turbo response

Throttle Control – Like the Si-Drive functions, the throttle control operation can be changed to increase power and torque (if it was limited) or, to decrease power and torque in our special ChipTorque “Valet Tune”

Rev limit – is increased where appropriate

Custom Adjustments for changes in MAF or intake design, other turbochargers or larger injectors


  • Turn off fault codes relating to high flow catalytic converter upgrades (P0420)
  • Turn off fault codes relating to secondary air pump (P1418, P1410, P0410, P0413, P0414, P0418, P2432, P2433, P2440, P2441, P2444)
  • Remove JDM factory speed limiter

Subaru Ezy-FLASH Pro is supplied with the ability to function fully with any supported Subaru vehicle. For Subaru’s, there are 3 ECU styles supported by Ezy-FLASH Pro.

Ezy-FLASH Pro comes pre-installed with a single license which may be applied to either ECU style. This license applies to the first vehicle type the Ezy-FLASH Pro is locked to. Ezy-FLASH Pro can be used on any other vehicles that have the same ECU style.

Throttle Cable control –  WRX/STi MY01-05
Drive By Wire –  WRX/STi/FXT/LGT MY04-07

The year model overlaps are a guide only, since this varies between sales regions.

Note: Before the Ezy-FLASH Pro can be used on vehicles with a different ECU style, a new ECU License must be installed by ChipTorque.

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