XEDE Timing Patterns

  • June 21, 2016
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Most commonly used XEDE Timing Patterns

TSPR Subaru Post 2001 Symmetrical Start V1 (inj).xtp Download 
TSPR Nissan 6 1 Wide V0 with INJ.xtp Download 
TSPR 60-2 Hall Mazda V0.xtp Download 
TSPR 36-2 Symmetrical 16PS V1 200series Mod.xtp Download 
TSPR 36-2 Symmetrical 8PS V4 Inj 6c100LC.xtp Download 
TSPR 36-2 Symmetrical 8PS inj V3.xtp Download 
TSPR 12 Even Toyota WB 48PS 6Cyl 3Inj.xtp Download 
TSPR 4 Even inj V3.xtp Download 
TSPR Subaru Pre 2001 hyst20 V2 (inj).xtp Download 

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