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The Injector Drive Mod is added to the XEDE Processor product to support auxiliary injector control. This is often provided for forced induction applications where additional fuel delivery is needed throughout the rev range. With interceptor style tuning, it is often easier and recommended to add 1 or 2 extra injectors than tune for a full set of larger injectors.
Includes both the Aten USB to Serial Converter and Serial cable needed to connect between your laptop or PC's USB port and the XEDE Processor.
Connects between your laptop's USB connector and the serial cable needed to use XMap tuning software for the XEDE Processor.
Connects between the XEDE Processor and your laptop to enable use of XMap tuning software. This allows custom tuning of the base map provided in the XEDE Processor, or carrying out updates like loading new timing pattern and tune maps.
Usually purchased in the XEDE Processor Kit, the XEDE Wire-in Harness can be purchased individually if needed, perhaps for a second hand product install or when sharing the product between multiple vehicles. Harness is spliced into the vehicle’s factory wiring loom.
The Dual Map Switch allows the driver to instantly change between two individual tunes setup in the XEDE Processor. Contains SPST toggle switch, wiring and installation diagram.
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