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The latest X4 SCT Flash Tuner is now available from ChipTorque and supports Ford BA - FG models.
Handheld plug-in system. Store multiple tunes, including the original factory tune. Live data display, high speed logging, performance metrics as well as trouble code reading and clearing.
Back by Popular Demand!! For vehicle's that are unable to be re-tuned or re-flashed due the the ECU being locked to another brand of tuning software.
ChipTorque introduces the very latest European tuning tools to our product range, allowing us to "re-flash" the Engine Tune on a wide range of even the latest generation of European vehicles.
Our Speedo Corrector will ensure accurate speedo display when installed and calibrated to actual vehicle road speed. Commonly the vehicle's indicated speed on the speedo can becomes inaccurate due to fitment of larger tyres or diff gear changes.
Expands the tuning capabilities that can be adjusted utilising the factory engine management system.

Want to know your vehicle’s power and torque at the wheels? We offer power runs from our Shootout Accredited Dyno Dynamics 4WD and 2WD chassis dyno cells. Included in this service is a laminated dyno graph showing your vehicle’s performance output.

We can also provide before & after dyno power runs as an optional extra when purchasing a performance product for your vehicle. This allows for a power comparison when installing a performance chip, flash tune or other aftermarket modification.

With more than 25 years industry experience assessing EFI systems on a wide variety of vehicles, we offer EFI diagnosis based on our experience, not just scan tool data. We can assist in assessment, diagnosis and recommended repairs to correct vehicle problems.
Check the safety of your vehicle's mixtures by analysing the air fuel ratio (AFR) on our chassis dyno.
We offer a comprehensive speedo check on our chassis dyno to assess and report on the accuracy of your speedo at varying speeds.
The XEDE Shift Light is a single stage high intensity LED that can be remotely installed in your vehicle's cabin and will illuminate at a user-set RPM point.
Superchips cracked the codes to release the performance potential of your vehicle. In less than 10 minutes, The Flashpaq Tuner saves the stock tuning files inside the ECU, identifies the vehicle specific file for your vehicle, and uploads the correct Superchips performance file.
Plug-in style chip that replaces the factory unit in the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU).
Our tuners have experience with many aftermarket engine management systems and tuning software. Because of this, our friendly sales team can offer recommendations for the best system to suit your vehicle's modifications. Ask us for a quote for supply and installation.
The XEDE Processor is an interceptor style Engine Management System that suits a wide range of vehicles. It includes XMap tuning software to tailor the tuning to suit the individual vehicle through custom dyno tuning.
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