Boost Controller Setup

A manual boost controller is a simple mechanical and pneumatic control to allow some pressure from the wastegate actuator to escape or bleed out to the atmosphere or back into the intake system. This can be as simple as a T-fitting on the boost control line near the actuator with a small bleeder screw. The screw can be turned out to varying degrees to allow air to bleed out of the system, relieving pressure on the wastegate actuator, thus increasing boost levels.

Other types of manual boost controllers use a ball and spring to control the amount of boost. This is installed with one vacuum line coming from the intake somewhere after the turbocharger, and one vacuum line going to the wastegate. A knob changes the force on the spring which in turn dictates how much pressure is on the ball. The tighter the spring, the more boost that is needed to unseat the ball, and allow the boost pressure to reach the wastegate actuator. There is a bleed hole on the boost controller after the ball, to allow the pressurised air that would be trapped between the wastegate actuator and the ball after it is seated again. This type of Manual boost controllers are becoming popular since they do not provide a boost leak, allowing faster spool times and better control than a “bleed type” boost controller.

Electronic boost control adds an air control solenoid and/or a stepper motor controlled by an electronic control unit. The same general principle of a manual controller is present, which is to control the air pressure presented to the wastegate actuator. Further control and intelligent algorithms can be introduced, refining and increasing control over actual boost pressure delivered to the engine.

At the component level, boost pressure can either be bled out of the control lines or blocked outright. Either can achieve the goal of reducing pressure pushing against the wastegate. In a bleed-type system air is allowed to pass out of the control lines, reducing the load on the wastegate actuator. On a blocking configuration, air traveling from the charge air supply to the wastegate actuator is blocked while simultaneously bleeding any pressure that has previously built up at the wastegate actuator.

Have your manual or electronic boost controller setup at an optimal boost level for peak performance and suitable mixtures on our chassis dyno. Contact our sales team to discuss supply and install or get a quote.

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