Aftermarket ECU’s

Our tuners have experience with many aftermarket engine management systems and tuning software. Because of this, our friendly sales team can offer recommendations for the best system to suit your vehicle’s modifications. Ask us for a quote for supply and installation.

The Apexi Power FC proudly stands as A’PEX’s answer to the constraints and limitations associated with most piggy-back style fuel controllers. The Power FC is a complete, stand alone, total engine management system capable of handling virtually anything thrown in its path. From multiple point fuel and ignition control to VTEC engagement (Honda applications) and boost settings, the Power FC is capable of accommodating even the most demanding performance enthusiasts.

The newest product now available. All the years of Autronic experience has now been incorporated into this product. This ECU has more features than previous generations to allow for a greater range of engine configurations. Modern engines have variable camshaft control and the SM4 can control most systems. Full proportional control with full advance and retard is less than 1 second. An optional internal Knock module is available to give secure detonation avoidance on an individual cylinder by cylinder retard of fuel enrichment or both.

The LT series provides users with the fine tunability usually only found in high end ECU’s while still retaining MicroTech’s distinct price advantage over all it’s competitors.

LT4, LT8S and LT12S come from our factory with a pre-programmed base map to suit your particular engine, greatly simpifying the installation and start up process. Once the unit is wired into the vehicle correctly, simply turn the key & the car will start and run well enough to be driven to your closest tuning shop for final tuning. All LT’s can be fined tuned either by the hand controller or by laptop making the system perfect for the 1st time tuner or the professional racer.

Another major advantage of the MicroTech is it’s ability to use the factory engine sensors. No more drilling, tapping, modifying or making special brackets to fit aftermarket sensors. A job that is compulsory with almost all other aftermarket management systems.  And to top it all off, all MicroTech products are covered by a 12 month material and workmanship warranty in the unlikely case of a problem. So whether you are looking for improved performance, better fuel economy or simply the luxury of having a fully adjustable ECU fitted to your vehicle, the MicroTech will give you all the features you could possibly ask for without the hassle and expense of our competition.

Put simply, Engine Control Units (ECUs) are designed to electronically control fuel injected internal combustion engines. In its most basic form an ECU monitors the engine through sensors and uses this information to determine the quantity of fuel to inject and the timing of the ignition depending on engine speed (RPM) and engine load conditions. Typically, an ECU will use throttle position, manifold absolute pressure (MAP) or mass air flow (MAF), or a combination of these to calculate the load conditions.

ViPEC fuel injection, and engine management systems, were developed for Ray Hall Turbo Pty Ltd to fill a gap in the market, for ECU that were reliable, powerful, easy to tune and having features that worked correctly. ViPEC is willing to listen to what the market wants, and is dedicated to giving customer excellent support.

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